Creating a hand crafted Valenzan jewel is a very ancient art and involves a series of intricate processes which are described below:


This is the first step in creating a jewel. An original idea for developing a new line can come from many things: it can be from an emotion, or from noticing an architectural detail in a city or in a monument, from a location or even from an everyday occurrence


Once the idea for the line has been developed, we create and review a working prototype of the finished product. Attention is given to its weight, so that it can be worn and isn’t too heavy, as well as to which precious stones or methods of working best suit that type of jewel. Then a metal model is made, from which a mould can be produced


Liquid wax is injected into the mould. Once it hardens, it is turned out of the rubber mould and placed on the casting tree. At this point it’s time to move on to casting


In this step, all the waxes prepared by the modeller are placed on the tree and then covered with a can, or flask. Liquid gypsum, similar to plaster of paris, is poured into the container. Once this sets, the can is placed in an oven and the wax burns out to make the inverse mould. It is at this stage that gold is injected into the cylinder and the gold models will then be ready to be worked on by the goldsmith


Once the gold casting is turned out, it’s still quite rough and needs to be worked and assembled. It’s at this stage, that the goldsmith using all their skill and experience, works it by hand with the aid of traditional tools such as burs, emery paper and multiple files, and brings it all together, completing the jewel and its setting, ready for the stone


this is a very important and delicate phase. The jeweller must set the precious stones on the piece, in such a way that they stand out as much as possible and that they catch as much light as possible. By making sure this is the case, the final piece will have a magical quality and be will able to stir special emotions


This is the final process, where the piece is cleaned, polished and rhodium-plated to add shine and sparkle to the jewellery piece and helps in resisting tarnishing, (this is in the case of it having been cast in white gold)